Policy Development

The foundation of your technology infrastructure.

Proper policy development and implementation provides employees with the knowledge they need to protect your organization against cyber-attacks. Policies must be designed to support risk management goals while maintaining business operations. Pratum’s risk assessment process involves one-on-one interaction with business leaders, allowing our consultants to fully understand your needs and draft your policies in a manner that will support your objectives.

Basic education and guidance goes a long way. Understanding the difference between policies, standards, baselines, and other documentation is important as well. Our consultants understand the relationship between each documentation type and can help draft the policies and procedures that best fit your organization.

Unique Policy Needs

Your organization is unique and its policies should be developed to fit its specific needs. Our consultants meet with you to gain a full understanding of your organization’s culture and business objectives. We work with you to build a robust documentation portfolio that supports your tolerance for risk and meets any regulatory or audit requirement.

Document Types

  • Information Security, Terms of Use, and Privacy
  • Information Technology Acceptable Use
  • System Configurations
  • Partner Inter-Connections
  • User Access Levels and Restrictions
  • Design Principles
  • User Account Administration
  • System Certification
  • Software Installation
  • Daily Monitoring
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