Pratum Security

A risk based approach to information security consulting.

We meet with our clients to gain an understanding of their organizational culture, the risk tolerance levels of senior executives, and regulatory environment and industry pressures. This allows us to approach our information security consulting utilizing a risk based method, enabling us to customize each solution. From this vantage point we are able to help select appropriate administrative, physical and technical controls that lower risk without impeding business operations.

Information security consulting covers a wide range of client needs. Some of our clients desire only a few hours of security policy consultation and others rely on our team to provide an all-inclusive security program.

Consulting Services

Virtual CISO


Becoming a Virtual CISO client gives you immediate access to a number of Pratum’s information security services. Learn More

Penetration Testing Services

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is the ethical testing (or hacking) of a computer network, system, or Web application to discover security vulnerabilities that could become conduits for malicious attacks. Learn More

Incident Response and Breach Investigation Services

Incident Response & Breach Investigations

Building a solid incident response infrastructure, which includes response and remediation plans, training, communications, and management direction, will prepare your organization for all levels of security incidents. Learn More

Policy Development Services

Policy Development

Proper policy development and implementation provides employees with the knowledge they need to protect your organization against cyber-attacks. Learn More

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