Navigating Vendor Management

To ensure security up and down your supply chain, you’ll need to establish which partners you can trust with data. Creating a full vendor management program requires a significant investment, but this guide summarizes key first steps.

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Incident Response Flow Chart

Developing an incident response plan and equipping your staff with the steps to execute that plan will give your organization its best chance at mitigating the negative impacts of a cyber-attack. Use this flow chart as a guide for how to respond to varying threat levels.

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Business Impact Analysis Planner

A business impact analysis (BIA) provides a critical resource for making informed risk management decisions as it relates to the prioritization of your organization’s information systems to support the overall mission and business process. This planner will guide you through the first steps in conducting an effective BIA that points you towards the right investments for your overall risk assessment strategy.

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Field Guide to Ransomware

Non-stop ransomware headlines prove that these attacks are everybody’s problem. This e-book will explain what organizations of every size need to know about preventing an attack—and limiting the damage if it happens to you.

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10 Most Common Information Security Risks

We've compiled the risks our consulting team sees most frequently. This is where to focus to make the biggest difference in your security posture in the shortest period of time. Put these high-ROI jobs at the front of your IT team’s to-do list.

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Employee Security Training Planner

This planner will help your organization to develop an effective security awareness and training program.

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Pen Test Bid Comparison Checklist

You gave two vendors the same specs for your upcoming penetration test, and now you’re staring at two proposals with a $10,000 price difference. How do you break down the differences and identify whether the low bidder is offering you a great deal or just a lousy pen test? Use this guide to sort through the key factors for choosing a pen test that fits your goals.

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Best Practices for Information Security Risk Assessments

This paper provides everything you need to know about this essential review from planning to execution to follow-up.

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Trends in Electronic Evidence

In this paper, a U.S. Chief Magistrate Judge explains what she's looking for from attorneys and offers tips on how both sides in a case can winnow their work down to the ESI that really matters.

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An IT Director's Guide to Communicating Security Needs to the Executive Team

This paper discusses effective ways to communicate security concerns and solutions to the executive team – providing talking points and suggestions.

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An IT Manager's Guide to a Successful Audit

This paper provides an overview of the audit process and how IT management can insert themselves into this process to benefit from the exercise.

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Four Essentials for Every Cybersecurity Plan

Follow these recommendations for password policies, network management, data security, and social engineering to help lay the groundwork for policies that protect your systems, your data and your organization's future.

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First Steps in Compliance Initiatives | Risk Assessments and Policies

Whether you're meeting requirements from the government or a key customer, it's not a technology topic. It's a business topic. This paper includes six key ideas to follow when writing or reviewing your policies, procedures and documentation.

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What to Expect with SOC 2®

Pratum has years of experience assisting companies with their SOC 2® process, and this document provides an overview of what we’ve learned about helping companies get a favorable report on the first try.

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Digital Forensics Use Cases

Use this guide to understand how a digital forensics investigator can support your work in a variety of legal scenarios.

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