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Board members and shareholders deserve more than a completed checklist. They deserve the Preferred Bank Package, which meets FFIEC compliance standards while protecting sensitive data and safeguarding from future attacks.

Included in the Package

The preferred banking package offers your bank the essential tools needed to comply with technology regulations, evaluate your policies and procedures, and secure your bank's sensitive information.

IT Audit

IT audits provide insight into potential gaps in processes and procedures in your technology environment.

Internal Vulnerability Scan

This vulnerability scan will identify weaknesses in your internal network.

External Penetration Test

The penetration test is designed to exploit vulnerabilities discovered in your external network.

Email Phishing

Testing the training of your employees with simulated, professional email attacks. Up to 100 users.

Pretexting Phone Calls

Pretexting calls are performed to gain insight into your employees' information security practices. Up to 5 phone calls.

Powerful Reporting

Gain powerful insight into your bank's compliance and information security environment. This valuable information will help you make important decisions based on organizational risk, not fear.

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