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Guiding Transportation Leaders to Cybersecurity Solutions

Pratum helps major logistics companies, airports and others ensure the safe, secure movement of goods across the United States and overseas. Our team recognizes that a secure transportation sector is critical not only to your business, but also to national security and economic stability. From corporate systems to IoT devices in trucks, Pratum guides far-reaching strategies for reliable, secure shipping.

Need cybersecurity guidance for transportation and logistics?

We Answer Your Transportation Cybersecurity Questions

Internet-connected systems have greatly improved real-time reporting from the road—and greatly increased the attack surface for both individual companies and entire supply chains. Pratum helps transportation leaders understand their own risks, potential liability to others and how your partners’ security choices affect you. We’ll address key questions, including:

  • Which regulations from TSA and other agencies apply to our situation?
  • What role does Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Architecture play in our business?
  • What security measures are key clients demanding from vendors like us?
  • Which cybersecurity risks should we address first?
  • How can we secure data handled by connected vehicles?
  • How do we secure our operational technology (OT)?
  • What are the keys to limiting downtime with incident response planning?
  • What kinds of regular testing will confirm our cybersecurity readiness?
  • How can we train employees to do their part in cybersecurity?

Information Security Services for Transportation Organizations

Key Factors in Transportation Security

Pratum helps organizations limit their operational and legal exposure by offering support in these key areas:

Business Impact

We’ll analyze your risks and assign costs so you can prioritize your cybersecurity spending. 

Supply Chain Security

We develop efficient methods to evaluate your vendors’ security and answer questions from your clients.

Regulatory Obligations

We’ll explain your requirements under TSA Security Directives; the Cyber Incident Reporting for Critical Infrastructure Act; and more.

Cost-effective Compliance

Pratum consultants use their deep experience to identify cost-effective ways to meet your obligations.

Holistic Security Solutions

Our team can guide you in creating policies and choosing solutions that deliver security throughout your environment, including servers, cloud services, ERP solutions, IoT devices and more.

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Cybersecurity guidance for transportation and logistics

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