Information Security for the Retail Industry

Expert Guidance for PCI Compliance, Consumer Data Privacy and More

Retailers work with some of the most sensitive consumer information in the market. Along with handling credit and debit card information, retailers are entrusted with large amounts of consumer demographic and psychographic data, making these organizations a prime target for cyber criminals.

Point-of-Sale (POS) intrusions increasingly cause major business operations and costly remediations for stores ranging from boutiques to megaretailers. Hackers may use different attack methods against large and small organizations, but breaches carry high financial and reputational costs for organizations of all sizes.

To ensure that customers feel comfortable shopping (and sharing sensitive information) with you, you need a thorough strategy for securing their information. Pratum's full lineup of information security services helps you reduce the likelihood of an attack and react effectively if hackers do strike.

Want to learn how vulnerable your data is to cyberattack?

PCI Compliance

PCI compliance can be daunting for retailers. The certification process has multiple steps, and PCI data security standards evolve every year. Pratum can guide you through every step with a balance of risk and security that meets your business objectives and protects your profit margins.

Breach Law & Data Storage Guidance

We’ll help you understand your obligations under a wide range of data privacy laws. Our consultants will explain your requirements under the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA); Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR); local breach notification laws; and more. We also offer insights for efficient ways to safeguard the data you retain and advise you on whether you’re saving or encrypting more than you should.

Retail Social Engineering

Technology is only part of the security formula; we must also consider people and processes. Improperly trained employees can leave a retailer exposed to breaches that may go undetected for months. Well-meaning employees could fall victim to a social engineering attack and inadvertently assist in the hacking of the retailer’s sensitive data. Pratum helps your team learn to spot techniques such as:

  • Pretexting Phone Calls – hackers posing as a partner or a member of your IT team in order to get passwords or other sensitive information
  • Phishing Emails – fooling employees into clicking links that reveal passwords or infect computer systems with malware
  • Physical Entry – gaining access to restricted areas by impersonating an employee, delivery person, maintenance worker, etc.
  • Dumpster Diving – rummaging through garbage in search of passwords, accounting data or other sensitive information
  • Enticements – leaving behind USB drives loaded with malware in hopes of luring curious employee into plugging the drive into a company computer

Penetration Testing

Pratum's experienced pen testers augment your overall security policy by looking for vulnerabilities that may leave you open to attack. Regular professional penetration tests keep your defenses current against the latest hacking methods.

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