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Digital Forensics Expertise & Cybersecurity Consulting For Your Law Firm

Today’s court cases often depend on electronically stored information (ESI) and other digital evidence. Pratum’s digital forensics experts help legal teams efficiently identify and retrieve the data crucial to building a strong civil or criminal case. Our analysts specialize in acquisition of storage devices and mobile devices, as well as expert case review. With extensive legal experience, our team is well-versed in chain of custody and other admissibility concerns. Pratum’s consultants also help secure your overall practice by protecting sensitive client data in your possession.

Do you need help with digital forensics or overall security of your legal practice?

Your Partner for Cybersecurity Considerations in the Legal Sector

Pratum has a long track record of identifying, preserving, analyzing, and presenting digital evidence. Our experts are well-versed in securing admissible evidence with efficient processes that keep your costs manageable. And we’ll help ensure that you’re protecting your own data, too. We answer key questions including:

  • Did someone exfiltrate critical company data before they left their job?
  • Can we narrow the eDiscovery process to a more reasonable data set?
  • What is recoverable from devices we subpoenaed?
  • Is valuable information hidden behind the words visible in the file?
  • Has anyone tampered with the emails presented as evidence?
  • How can we estimate the cost of acquiring evidence in advance?
  • Is opposing counsel making a reasonable eDiscovery request?
  • What are best practices for protecting our own data?
  • How can we manage cyber insurance costs?
  • What testing do we need to confirm our data is safe?
  • How can we protect data without inconveniencing our team?
Elisabeth Tursi, Associate, Weinhardt Law Firm

With Pratum, we have been able to delegate projects, and we don’t have to give them much guidance. They’ve been able to think like lawyers and deliver work that lawyers can actually utilize.”

Elisabeth Tursi Associate - Weinhardt Law

Key Factors in Data Acquisition & Security for the Legal Industry

Pratum supports attorneys and law firms in these areas:

Digital Investigations

Our process identifies the person (or people) behind the security incident. We make sense of data in context by attempting to determine who was involved, what they were doing, and when they did it.

Acquisition of Storage Media

We go far beyond making a copy. We preserve as much data as possible in its exact state, including metadata.

Acquisition of Mobile Devices

We attempt to acquire data from the entire device, including text messages, emails, instant messages, browser activity, photos, GPS/location data and more.

Defense Against Ransomware & Other Common Attacks

We’ll guide you toward a layered strategy for stopping attacks that produce costly downtime.

Budget Guidance

We’ll analyze your risks and assign costs so you can make informed choices about cybersecurity spending.

Secure Communications

Our consultants will help you select policies and tools to guard against business email compromise (BEC) and other common threats, and we’ll advise on best practices for encryption and safe data transmission.

Information Security Services for Attorneys & Law Firms

Legal Sector Cybersecurity Resources

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Cybersecurity Guidance for Attorneys & Law Firms

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