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Whether you’re looking for a reliable vendor to assist your clients or experts to guide your own security strategies, Pratum is a proven partner for insurance companies. Our digital forensics team has extensive experience working with insurers and other members of incident response teams to stop breaches and discover the extent of the data compromised. We’ll also help your clients create mature cybersecurity strategies that earn better cyber insurance premiums.

Do you need a cybersecurity partner for your insurance company?

Security Solutions for Insurance Companies

Pratum’s analysts and consultants help you answer key questions, including:

  • How did hackers breach our clients’ system and what did they access?
  • How much data can be recovered in a cost-effective manner after a breach?
  • What vulnerabilities exist in our system?
  • What are our obligations under GDPR and other privacy regulations?
  • Which state data breach laws apply to us?
  • What are best practices for penetration testing and other ongoing reviews?
  • How can we prepare to recover quickly from a cyberattack?
  • Which monitoring solutions will help us detect and stop attacks?
  • Which cybersecurity investments have the highest ROI?
  • Is our staff properly trained to handle sensitive client data?

Key Cybersecurity Factors for Insurance Companies

Pratum supports your clients and your own IT environment in these essential areas:

Incident Response

Our 24-hour breach response hotline gives you immediate access to our analysts when a cyberattack occurs.

Breach Investigations

Using advanced digital forensics techniques, we’ll determine how hackers got into an environment and what they accessed.

IT Audits and Risk Assessments

Help clients (and your own team) strengthen their defenses with a thorough evaluation of their current posture.

Regular Testing

Pratum’s pen testing team finds gaps in digital defenses before hackers do, and our consultants train teams with tabletop exercises simulating a breach.

Breach Law Guidance

We’ll explain your requirements under the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA); Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR); local breach notification laws; and more.

Data Storage & Encryption

Get insights on efficient ways to safeguard the data you store and advice on whether you’re saving or encrypting more than you should.

Ongoing Monitoring

Next-gen XDR/EDR tools help recognize and shut down malicious activities in real time.

Information Security Services for Insurance Professionals

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