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Be prepared for a mistake! Perform a business impact analysis to understand how various cyberattacks will affect your business.

Bob manages inventory at a mid-size manufacturer. On a very busy day, Bob sees an email from the IT team asking him to confirm his login information. He clicks a link, confirms his login credentials and gets back to what he was doing.

Without knowing it, Bob just gave his credentials to a hacker, who logs into the company environment and starts figuring out what they can access.

A few seconds of carelessness by Bob trigger a chain of events:

A month later, the hackers send the company an email announcing that they have encrypted most of the company's data and want a $500,000 ransom to release it.

The Impact

  • While the company decides what to do, all operations at the plant shut down.
  • Managers send 55 workers home for two days at half pay.
  • The company misses $75,000 worth of deliveries.

The Impact Severity

  • The company decides not to pay the ransom, but it spends $45,000 recovering its data and investigating the breach.
  • Three major customers lose faith in the company's ability to deliver and decide not to renew their contracts totaling $325,000 in lost business.
  • Because of the breach, the company's cyber security premium goes up $15,000 per year at renewal time
  • The combined costs of the breach mean the company misses it's revenue target and can't pay bonuses.
  • Reduced demand next year requires the company to lay off 5 employees.

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