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Iranian Cyberattack on United States

If you’ve been following recent news, concerns over retaliation from Iran are on the rise after a recent bombing in the country by the U.S. military. After that airstrike, Iran vowed “severe revenge” in response. The political situation is now raising concerns for all citizens regarding their cybersecurity.

Just last week, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) Director sent out a Tweet, alerting people to an increased risk potential.

CISA Director Tweet about Iran Cyber Attacks

This warning from the Department of Homeland Security is due to a heightened threat of cyberattacks from Iran. Over the summer there was a rise in malicious cyber activity. Now, recent reports show that is yet again a concern. While your cybersecurity firm or IT department should be monitoring any suspicious activity, there are other ways you can protect yourself and your business.

Action Steps:

1. Raise awareness within your organization.
The best thing you can do to protect your assets is to make sure those who have access to them are diligent. Re-emphasize cybersecurity training. Put notices on walls, such as educational security posters. Make sure everyone is familiar and reminded of current cybersecurity initiatives.

2. Review your permitted and successful traffic on a regular basis.
Taking inventory of your traffic should be a regular practice, but it is even more crucial right now. Continually check any new or unusual activity. Be extra aware of what is happening within your network.

3. Respond to suspicious activity quickly!
If you do notice something that seems suspicious, or even just a little strange, investigate it immediately. Use the adage, “see something, say something.” Contact your cybersecurity representative for more instruction.

4. Have backups in place.
These hackers will not be interested in negotiating for your business’s information. According to former military personnel, once they have it, Iranian hackers are going to keep what they find. Continually update your backup system.

5. Don’t assume you’re immune to an attack.
One of the biggest misconceptions people have is that they wouldn’t be a target of these cyber attacks. That’s simply not true. No matter the size or industry of your organization, there is a potential threat.

The threat of a cyber attack is not to be taken lightly. In 2017 an attack against Ukraine, which officials blamed on Russia, was able to target government ministries, banks and companies across the country. The White House called it “the most destructive and costly cyber attack in history.”

While Iran’s cyber capabilities are said to rank below Russia’s, they have been able to attack Saudi governmental and private-sector networks. With the increased tensions between the U.S. and Iran, it is believed a cyber attack is imminent.

Here at Pratum we are remaining vigilant to ensure our clients’ information is protected. For more details on the services we offer, contact a Pratum representative today.


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