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Pratum team outing to The Escape

Pratumeers recently took turns getting away from the office to put our skills to the test in an escape room. We split into four teams total – two different teams went on consecutive Friday afternoons, while the opposite teams stayed back to hold down the fort. Each team contained at least one member from every department. We worked together, racing against the clock to uncover clues, and solve riddles to escape. It was a memorable outing that our entire company enjoyed.

Same Skills, Different Mission

When it comes to requiring finesse, Pratum and an escape room have a lot in common. Just like operating an information security firm, you can’t complete an escape room without a few necessary skills. If you’ve ever partaken in an escape room, maybe you already know the formula for success: a great deal of critical thinking, a bit of creativity, add some wit in there, and the final, most important part is teamwork.

The same formula is used every day at Pratum to be leaders in the information security industry and deliver top-notch service to our clients. Let’s take a closer look at the similarities:

You’ll Need Critical Thinking

You’ve just entered the escape room, the door locks behind you, and the clock begins. The room is unfamiliar to you, and you may only have a few clues. What little information you have must be analyzed so you can form judgment on how you’ll proceed to uncover your next clue.

Critical thinking is just as important to Pratum as it is to an escape room. In the early stages of consulting a new client, we are in the discovery phase learning about their business model and current security practices. It’s up to our consulting team to interpret current security policies and procedures, dissect information and figure out the best approach for their security needs.

Get Creative

You’ve uncovered a few more clues now, but they’re not in a logical order. You must use a bit of your imagination and think outside of the box to make sense of them.

Pratum’s ethical hackers use obscure ways of thinking when performing a penetration test to uncover vulnerabilities. Social engineering assessments require our team to find clever ways to remain incognito. Whether it’s pretexting phone calls, email phishing or onsite facility access, taking on a new identity to ethically uncover an organization’s security risks takes quite a bit of creative thinking.

Don’t Forget the Wit

It’s now down to the final five minutes, and it seems as though the only thing that’s escaping is time. You begin to realize that you need to kick your brain into high gear if you’re going to make it out of the room. You must be careful to not rush and make a detrimental mistake that will set you back even further.

Often, we receive new clients who come to us because they are facing a security breach. These clients rely on us to help them get through this stressful time. Our incident response team is always prepared to think on their feet and deliver quick, intelligent solutions to minimize damage. It’s safe to say that we have wit down pat here at Pratum.

All Together Now

Success! You’ve cracked every code, solved each riddle, and have escaped. Your cheer is echoed as you proudly walk out the door with the rest of your team. You didn’t complete the escape room on your own, rather it was a team effort. Everyone contributed in their own way, and that’s what got you out.

Pratum celebrating at Cheesecake Factory
Celebrating Escape Room Success with Cheesecake!

At Pratum, above all, we are a team. Though we are each individually skilled in critical thinking, wit and creativity, it’s our collaborative effort that makes Pratum an enjoyable place to work.

Team building is important to an organization’s overall health, and Pratum recognizes that. An escape room was the perfect outing for us to use our skills in a fun and unique way. Having a member from each department on every team gave us the opportunity to open some new doors for communication and strengthen our team as a whole.

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