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Smart Security Video Series with Pratum and The Technology Association of Iowa

Pratum, Iowa-based information security consulting and managed security services firm, today announced its cybersecurity video series partnership with The Technology Association of Iowa (TAI). The monthly series “Smart Security” will consist of 60-90 second videos providing viewers with cybersecurity content delivering actionable takeaways and thought-provoking ideas.

"TAI is excited to partner with Iowa cybersecurity leader, Pratum, to produce a new monthly video series “Smart Security”. TAI members will learn information security insights from Iowa professionals and gain the knowledge needed to protect a company's most valuable asset: its data," said Brian Waller, President of The Technology Association of Iowa.

New cybersecurity videos will be delivered each month through the TAI Newsletter and social media channels. The videos encourage executives to think strategically about cybersecurity and how it impacts their business.

“You can only cover so much in 60 to 90 seconds, but the goal is to get the cybersecurity dialogue started. For those who want more information, each video will be accompanied by supplemental written content with more comprehensive insight,” said Dave Nelson, President and CEO of Pratum.

“Smart Security” will debut January 31, 2019 in TAI’s monthly newsletter. To subscribe to the newsletter, visit

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