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While setting up a new laptop our resident security engineering guru, Steve Healey made a funny discovery.  Cell phone videos can be used to bypass facial recognition software.  The laptop he was configuring offers biometric authentication via facial recognition using the built in webcam.  Steve recorded a video of himself on his smartphone and then used it as the subject for authentication.  By simply changing the viewing angle of the phone to the camera he was granted access.  As a disclaimer, he didn't have the sensitivity turned all the way up.  It also wasn't turned all the way down either though.  Those of you using biometric devices, fingerprint readers, facial recognition, etc. on your mobile devices, take note.  It's really not all that secure.  You probably still want to use a password in combination with the biometrics.  Low end biometric capture devices in cell phones, laptops, etc. are not the same ones you see protecting a Level-3 Bio Hazard lab!  Kudos to Steve on this "shocking" discovery.

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